About Us

PNay was launched in 2018 as a brand that turns indigenous hand-woven fabrics into contemporary wear. 

Its goal is to keep the weaving traditions alive.  Our road to that goal is to make indigenous fabric “au courant” so that we use it for everyday wear and not just for “Filipiniana” Day.

We aim to maintain the integrity of the fabric in our designs so our silhouettes are  straightforward – we cut as little of the fabric as possible. 

When designing, we keep in mind that the fabric should be the centerpiece of the clothing.  And we make sure the indigenous fabric has a function in the clothing as oppose to being a decorative piece.

We work primarily with Yakan fabric being Zamboangueñas.  We  also inject other indigenous fabrics such as piña, and hablon from Miag-ao in our designs.